The Modern Home style is truly one of the more unique architectural styles. The style initially arose in rejection to the Victorian style around the turn of the 19th century. Designers lamented the lavishness of many Victorian homes and instead opted for a more “modern” approach, but one which maintained the homeowner’s connection with nature. The original designers in the early 20th century understood that the world was rapidly changing and becoming more commercialized and urbanized, so their designs emphasized nature when possible by using the surrounding areas to enhance the home’s features. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a modernist architect, encapsulates this sentiment well by pointing out that “Nature, too, shall live its own life. We must be aware not to disrupt it with the color of our houses and interior fittings. Yet we should attempt to bring nature, houses and human beings together into a higher unity.” The Modern Home style is famous for this consideration and is gaining popularity in the United States once again.

  • Over sized windows– Most home designers love the use of over sized windows on modern homes. Not only does this bring in  a lot of natural light, bigger windows are more in trend nowadays. 
  • Minimalism– Less is more with most modern homes. Using a lot of open space fits this style of architecture perfectly. Balancing a room with less can  be tricky, but if done correctly can make a stunning home.
  • Unique Roofs- Modern Homes love the use of different and unconventional roof designs. Almost all roofs are fair game when it comes to modern homes, although most of the time this style uses flat roofs. 
  • Asymmetrical Design- Almost all Modern homes are asymmetrical to some extent. Meaning the two sides are not equal to one another.