If you look at two projects that could be very similar: kitchen, size of the room, location and even the appliances but one will definitely stand out as superior. The reason is often in the details. One of these would boast trim work. Trim work is often thought of as an extra or something to be cut at the end of an ever-expanding budget. What a mistake that will be! If you look at the picture of this bright, beautiful kitchen, you can see why. 

The layered crown molding above the cabinets gives them depth and makes them stand out in the room. Even if the layered trim is more than you need or want to add, a simple trim could really help create that finished look you need. The wood above the windows help give a beautiful panel mold look that helps to frame the stunning arched window. If you look around the doors and windows you will notice simple moldings, finished in a perfectly painted crisp white. All in all these details help to create a show stopping room!