Often people think that they should just paint the ceiling white and forget about it. This is a missed opportunity; ceilings can add visual square footage and enhance a room’s design. Whether it’s modern, contemporary or traditional… don’t overlook this important asset. Here are some examples of how and why you should take advantage of this space.
Dress It Up
A ceiling can add to the drama of a room. Just painting it a carefully chosen color can create interest.  Wallpaper is on the rise and applying to the ceiling is just the place to make it happen! Adding moldings can take a room from humdrum to show stopping in no time. In one project, we even took the octagon shape of the room and mirrored it on the ceiling with layered trim. The finished product was outstanding.

Add Visual Space

Look for the visual square footage it can add… In another home, where adding physical space wasn’t an option, we looked up for our answer. Fortunately, there was room to raise the height and wow…what a difference. The added space made you feel like the room had been doubled in size. In one project, we took advantage of the existing wood covered ceilings by painting a high gloss white that reflected the beauty of the room all the more.

Make it a Bonus

Even when you can’t go up several feet and get the added open feel, you can add something to make even a plain, small room feel special… When working on a 1920 lake cottage every inch mattered. Especially, when there was hardly any square footage and the ceiling height was barely 8 ft. Using a low profile trim and 4 inch boards was a great option.  Also, again, adding ultra-glossy white paint.  Its reflective quality opened everything up as much as possible.  It helped give meaning to every tiny part of the valuable real estate. So, by all means, don’t miss out on a great opportunity to up the game of your entire space by using every bit of what you have available.